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Frustrated With Trying to Find Items in Your Backpack? End Backpack Disorganization and Also Quickly Move Key Items to Your Other Packs.

The New Pack Buddy Backpack Organizer Simplifies Backpack Organization. 


Backpacks are a fabulous way to carry all the gear, food, and water you need for all your outdoor adventures, until you need to find something in them. Digging around in what can seem like a cavernous void trying to find your protein bar or a bandage gets frustrating.

The more pockets a backpack has, the more challenging it can be to find what you're looking for. Sometimes it's just easier to dump it all out so you can see everything at a glance.

Also, not every backpack is right for every activity so you may end up with different sizes and styles. However, there's always that core set of items that you need regardless of the backpack you take so you end up having to move these items over to the other backpack and you may forget something.

The Pack Buddy makes it effortless to locate what you're looking for, and quick to move your core items to a different backpack. You simply grab its handle at the top and pull it out. The different sized pockets on the front and back enable you to organize things by size. The mesh pockets on the back let you quickly store and spot smaller items. The two large pockets on the front work great for storing things like a windbreaker or first aid kit.

Using the grab handle on the top, you can hang the Pack Buddy on a tree so you can quickly grab what you need.

With Pack Buddy, any backpack becomes much more versatile and less frustrating so you get serious about the business of having fun. 

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Pack Buddy is made from light and durable 210D ripstop nylon with heavy-duty, molded plastic zippers.

Outside pack dimensions: ~8.5” x 13.5” (216mm x 343mm) so it will fit daypacks of 18 liters or more

Weighs less than 7 ounces (198 grams)

A nylon web handle is sewn into the top to be used for pulling the bag out of a backpack or for hanging

The 3 large pockets on either side expand up to 1 inch (25 mm) on the sides (more in the center). These pocket dimensions are approximately 5 inches (127mm) tall x 6 inches (152mm) wide

The dimensions of the three smaller pockets on the back are : Two pockets; 3.5 inches (89mm) wide x 2 inches (51mm), One pocket 3.5 inches (127mm) wide x 5 inches tall (127mm) 

The smaller mesh pockets have enough material so an item ~ 2.5 inches in center (63.5 mm) can slide into the pocket

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